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POISSON (2013)

Poisson is a performance that evolves in real-time between an audience, a dog, a dancer-choreographer (Audrée Juteau) and a composer (Antoine Berthiaume). Using as her inspiration the spontaneous and non-performative presence of the dog Sam, Poisson uses unpredictability as it’s primary matter to explore a relational space in flux, perpetually transformed by an interference loop that operates between subjects. The project is not about training the dog to perform but rather to experiencing performance through his empathic presence and unconventional way of treating time and space. Poisson was created in residency at Pigeons International, at Studio 303 and presented at Mains d’Oeuvres in February 2013 supported by the Coopération permanente franco-québécoise.

photo credit: Sonya Stefan


Choreography and performance: Audrée Juteau, avec Sam  

Composer: Antoine Berthiaume

Artistic advisers: Peter James et David Rancourt                                                                          


may 11-12 2013: Studio 303

june 2 2013: Spark's serie, Studio 303

Press excerpts Poisson

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