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My dog in a parallel univers is a dance film created from video’s archives of the creation process of the dance work Poisson : a duet between a dog and a human. The documentation has been accumulated over 4 years, in different spaces. With no literal narrative, this film is a contemplative journey of sense, space and time. My Dog in a Parallel Universe is a collaboration between the filmmaker Robin Pineda Gould and performer/choreographer Audrée Juteau. The film footage used was shot by cinematographer Sonya Stefan, as well as footage from the artist’s own archives. This film is also an homage to Sam, the canine artistic partner in this project who was known for her remarkable presence on stage.

The film has premiered in Norway june 11, 2016 as part of the 12 hours performance Parallel Liv , created and organized by theater director  Jonas Corell Peterson. The event took place at the Dramatikken Hus (Oslo).

                                                                                                      With a travel grant from CALQ

To watch, ask the code to Audrée Juteau.

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