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Sam affecte is at the meeting point of two worlds : the concrete and the  imaginary. More than just  a juxtaposition, this piece is at the intersection of these two worlds : a zone of interchangeability that destabilizes the perception of the spectator. There is Sam, a bernese mountain dog, who makes no difference between reality and the performance and inhabits both with the same consciousness.. His presence on stage calls us back to the real world, where we, audience and performer  are here together sharing the same space. Then there is the fictive space, the place without a place, where the performance has the power to brings us,the world of imagination. The two worlds interact, overlapping, melting into and affecting each other, enmeshed to become one. At other times, they destabilize each other and create a mise en abyme of the representation. Between movement and reflection : Sam affecte transports us and raises the basic questions : why do we perform ? What is performance?


Choreography: Audrée Juteau, in collaboration with Nathan Yaffe and Sam
Performers: Audrée Juteau, Nathan Yaffe et Sam
Composer: Antoine Berthiaume

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