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Audrée Juteau, Natalie-Zoey Gauld, Eroca Nicols and Martin Beauregard

August 20 to 31, 2018

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This residency will take place at the studio of L'Annexe-A.



with                                                            Karina Iraloa, Maria Kefirova,

Catherine Tardif

September 3 to 14, 2018


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This residence is the result of a partnership between Agora des Arts, L'Annexe-A and Studio 303

This residency will take place at Agora des Arts and the artists will be lodged at L'Annexe-A.

Public showing:

September 13, 8pm at Agora des Arts

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with Joannie Douville                 

Septembre 23 to 27, 2018


This residency will take place at L'Annexe-A.

Contemporary dance workshop for dance teachers

September 23, 1pm to 4 pm

At Studio Rythme et Danse

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photo credit: Ariane Boulet

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